Live dates

Guitarist Nik Svarc is certainly one to check out in the future.‘- JazzWise

‘An unsung hero and singular voice on the UK jazz scene’-Jez Matthews-(The Lescar)


10th January -Svarc Hanley Longhawn -Nation Of Shopkeepers-Leeds 8PM

17th January -Dave Hassell’s HYDRA – Jazz @ The Deli Larma -Manchester-8PM

27th January- Jazz Jam @ Vice and Virtue- with Joel Purnell, Garry Jackson, Caroline Bowden-Leeds -9PM

30th January-Jazz at UUC-9PM-Bradford

5th February- Pave Jazz Night -Hull -8PM

6th February- Svarc Hanley Longhawn -Jazz @ LS6 8PM-Leeds

7Th February- Jazz Jam @ northern Guitars with Scott Devine-8PM-Leeds

7TH February- Groove Razors – Yamaha Music London

9th February -Nik Svarc/Al Morrison Duo -Pelican Club -10-12- Nottingham

15th February-SHL Tour -Bishop Auckland Town Hall-Jazz Afternoon programme -1PM

17th February- SvarcTrio – The Lion, New Basford -Nottingham -1PM

Svarc Hanley Longhawn (SHL) February Tour 2019

18th February-West End Tap- 9PM- Lincoln

19th February-Spotted Dog -Birmingham -9PM

20th February- Oliver’s Jazz Bar-Greenwhich-London -9PM

21st February- Jazz Jam @ The Fox Twickenham-London-8.30PM

22nd February- Domino Club-Leeds-9PM

23rd February-3 wise Monkeys-9Pm-Todmorden

24th Febuary- Jazz @ The Hilary Step -Manchester- 9PM

26th February -Parr Jazz- Liverpool

6Th March -SvarcTrio -Matt And Phreds -Manchester-9PM

March 8th-11th -Groove Razors Polish Tour – Poland
Alan Short – saxophone, flute Nik Svarc – guitar Tomasz Zyrmont – piano, keys Kevin Glasgow – bass Laurie Lowe – drums

12Th March-Jazz Jam @ Northern Guitars  with Scott Devine -8.30PM -Leeds

27th March -Jazz at UUC- Bradford- 9PM

3rd April- Head of steam Jazz Night with Rod Mason- 8.30PM- Huddersfield

7th April -Paul Smith Trio -Kennedy’s-York 1-4PM

11th April-Jazz Jam @ Northern Guitars with Scott Devine-8PM

24th April-Jazz Jam @ The Thirsty Scholar -Manchester-9PM

26th April -Pelican Club -Nottingham -10-12

28th April- Paul Smith Trio -Kennedy’s York 1-4PM

29th April- SOGOROCK -RESOUL -The Wardrobe -Leeds

30th April – Ben Crosland Band-The Lantern- Halifax-8.30PM

3rd May -Svarc/Moore Duo- Crowd Of Favours -Leeds -7.30-9.30PM

9Th May -Jazz Jam @ Northern Guitars with Scott Devine -8PM

15th May – Head of Steam Jazz Night with Krzysztof Urbanski-8.30PM -Huddersfield

19th May -Paul Smith Trio- Kennedy’s York -1-4PM

23rd May- Andy Scott Ensemble – Manchester Jazz Festival

Andy Scott tenor saxophone / Caitlin Laing vocals, flute, baritone saxophone / Carl Raven soprano & baritone saxophone, bass clarinet / Jeff Guntren tenor saxophone / Aaron Wood trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics / Nik Svarc guitar / Jemma Freese vocals, keyboards / Ben Muirhead double bass / Dave Hassell drums, percussion / Jack McCarthy, Josh Savage percussion

30th May -SOGOROCK- Hyde Park Book Club -Leeds

5th June – SHL -Peggy’s Skylight-Nottingham -8PM

6Th June -Jazz Jam @ Northern Guitars with Scott Devine -8PM

14th June- Nik Svarc/ Joe Moore Duo- Northern Guitars -9PM

26th June- Jazz at The UUC -Bradford -9PM

30th June – Who Knows -The Lantern-Halifax

3rd July -Head Of Steam Jazz Night -Huddersfield-8.30PM

4Th July -Jazz Jam -Northern Guitars -Leeds -8PM

5th July -Pelican Club-Nottingham-10-12

28th July -Who Knows-Duck & Drake-Leeds- 9PM

14Th August- Jazz @ The UUC -Bradford -9PM

16th August -Joe Moore Band – Domino Club-LEEDS LATE SET 12-2

21st August -Nik Svarc Organ Trio featuring Dave Walsh on Kit -Domino Club- Leeds 9PM

28th August -SvarcTrio – Matt & Phreds -Manchester- 9PM

1st September -Nik Svarc Trio -The Lion- 1.30-3.30PM Nottingham

1st September SHL-HIFI -LEEDS  Doors 7.30PM

4th September -Al Morrison/Nik Svarc Quartet- Hilary’s Step Manchester -8PM

7th September- Modern Bass Masters- Laurence Cottle Trio- A Star Studios Manchester -

11th September -Groove Razors- Spice Of Life -London

13th September- SoGoRock -Lancaster Jazz festival -Jazz North Showcase

20th September – Who Knows- Blues Bar- Harrogate -9PM

25th September- HYDRA- Dave Hassell/Nik Svarc/Andy Scott -LS6- Leeds 8PM

27th September -Nik Svarc Organ Trio – Barlow Woodseats Hall- Sheffield-7.30PM

29Th September- Paul Smith Trio -Kennedy’s -York -1PM

4Th October-Who Knows –Ribble Valley Jazz & Blues-Clitheroe

10th October-SHL- Hull University Gig and Workshop -1PM

11th October -Sogorock- Marsden Jazz festival

17th October – Hydra- Jazz @ The Deli Larma – Manchester -8PM

23rd October – Svarc/Taylor Quartet – LS6 -Leeds- 9PM

27th October – Paul Smith Trio -Kennedy’s York -1-4PM

3rd November -Who Knows- The Lantern – Halifax

13th November -SHL-Hilary’s Step -Manchester-9PM

22nd November-Pelican Club-Nottingham-10-12PM

24Th November -Svarc/Devine/Walsh-The Hilary Step -Manchester

6th December -Theo Travis – Jazz at The Keys -Huddersfield-7PM


4th January-SHL- Zeffirellis Ambleside- 9PM

10th January- Who Knows- Duck And Drake -Leeds 12th January- Paul Smith Trio -Kennedy’s -1-4PM-York

24th January- Sogo Rock -Wakefield Jazz

31st January – Hydra- Jazz @ The Deli Larma – Manchester -8PM

1st February- Dave Hassell’s HYDRA – Saltworks – Northwich

2nd February- Svarc/Devine/Walsh-Hilarys Step-Manchester

29th March -Paul Smith Trio -Kennedy’s -1-4PM-York

1st April-Rod Mason-Head Of Steam-Huddersfield

6th May -Rod Mason-Head Of Steam-Huddersfield

12th May- SHL-Parr Jazz -LiverPool

13th May -SHL- Matt and Phreds –Manchester

15th May- SHL- The Lit and Phil -1PM – Newcastle

15th May -SHL -The Cinnamon Club

20th May-SHL-LS6- Leeds

21st May-SHL-Jazz At the Deli Larma- Manchester

22nd May -SHL-Bishop Auckland Town Hall- 1.30PM

24th May-SHL-Hilary’s Step -Manchester

26th May-SHL- Jazz @ The Spotted Dog -Birmingham

27th May- SHL-Peggy’s Skylight-Nottingham

28th May-SHL – Marquis Of Westminster -Pimlico -London

29th May -SHL- The West End Tap-Lincoln

31st May-SHL -The Phoenix -York