‘Leeds Guitarist Nik Svarc,Drummer-Percussionist Steve Hanley and Keyboardist Martin Longhawn join the dots between Jazz-Rock and Hammond funk,discovering an interesting angle for an old-school sound mixed with some hyper-catchy hooks and grooves’-JAZZWISE

‘Overall, listening to the skillful performance of SHL has been very rewarding. The tunes are strong and the arrangements are excellent.To say that I have enjoyed SHL#2 is an understatement. It is simply great!

Check it out if you can.’- Dutch Progressive Rock Page-(DPRP)


‘Svarc’s pedal board enables him to produce myriad looping sounds but it is his guitar playing that truly dazzles.’-Bebop Spoken Here

” Svarc’s passionate and articulate delivery as a guitarist and composer of considerable range and scale make him one of the most individual figures active on the British scene today. Catch him, if you can…” Matthew Bourne

‘The album closes on a majestic crescendo that is yet another of the many disparate characteristics that go up to make one of the album releases of the year for this reviewer. Gracefulness and power are very difficult to attain without upsetting the equilibrium, but this release manages that fine balancing act with a great deal of dignity.’- Jazz Goes to Leeds