Svarc Trio

Svarc Trio


Nik Svarc- Guitars/Loops, Garry Jackson-Electric and Double Bass, Dave Walsh-Drums

Svarc Trio seeks to bring a variety of influences together to unite modern groove with Improvisation.

SvarcTrio Album -‘Touch’ with Special Guest’s Mathew Bourne and Russell Van Den Berg is Available on Bandcamp –

‘Guitar-led fusion from this youthful, Leeds-based virtuoso’. Time Out
‘nice work! ‘-Tim Lefebvre
‘I listened to some SvarcTrio, good job ! keep going !’ Dan Weiss
‘The guitar lines may be influenced by the work of Bill Frisell at times and informed by the phrases of John Scofield at others’ -John Toolan (Jazz Goes To Leeds)
” Svarc’s passionate and articulate delivery as a guitarist and composer of considerable range and scale make him one of the most individual figures active on the British scene today. Catch him, if you can…” Matthew Bourne
‘Svarc is one of the few guitar players i’d be happy to just sit and listen too for hours. He’s constantly inventive and a true inspiration to work with as a musician. One of my favourite guitar players. Ever.’-Scott Devine

‘Svarc’s pedal board enables him to produce myriad looping sounds but it is his guitar playing that truly dazzles.’-Bebop Spoken Here

‘An unsung hero and singular voice on the UK jazz scene, we’re delighted to welcome back Leeds-based Nick Svarc (guitars/loops) with his long-standing trio featuring Garry Jackson (electric/double bass) and Dave Walsh (drums), playing music that mixes grooves with a kaleidoscope of sounds and heavy improvisation.

Space, intensity and integrity of vision are combined with influences that include John Scofield and Bill Frisell.’-Jez Matthews (The Lescar)

‘Leeds based Svarc Trio’s album “Touch”, released through Bandcamp, is a treasure trove of influences and styles that requires repeated attentive engagement. In an age where album cover art may be sadly neglected as an art form in itself, one of the striking elements of the Svarc Trio’s album “Touch” is the image on the cover. Featuring two hands conjoined at the wrist laid across the top of a parcel, the surreal nature of the image may help to set the mood for the sharp music within.’-John Toolan (Jazz Goes To Leeds)
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