Guitarist Nik Svarc is certainly one to check out in the future.

 – JazzWise

‘Svarc’s pedal board enables him to produce myriad looping sounds but it is his guitar playing that truly dazzles.’

 -Bebop Spoken Here

‘Svarc is one of the few guitar players I’d be happy to just sit and listen too for hours. He’s constantly inventive and a true inspiration to work with as a musician. One of my favourite guitar players. Ever.’

-Scott Devine

‘Leeds based Svarc Trio’s album “Touch”, released through Bandcamp, is a treasure trove of influences and styles that requires repeated attentive engagement. In an age where album cover art may be sadly neglected as an art form in itself, one of the striking elements of the Svarc Trio’s album “Touch” is the image on the cover. Featuring two hands conjoined at the wrist laid across the top of a parcel, the surreal nature of the image may help to set the mood for the sharp music within.’

-John Toolan

(Jazz Goes To Leeds)

 ‘Nik Svarc has the sort of tone that other players can only aspire to and his fantastic command of his instrument is a real highlight of the album. His playing is very evocative and is never cold or lacking in emotion despite its obvious technical quality.’


‘Svarc’s passionate and articulate delivery as a guitarist and composer of considerable range and scale make him one of the most individual figures active on the British scene today. Catch him, if you can…” 

 – Matthew Bourne

‘Leeds Guitarist Nik Svarc,Drummer-Percussionist Steve Hanley and Keyboardist Martin Longhawn join the dots between Jazz-Rock and Hammond funk,discovering an interesting angle for an old-school sound mixed with some hyper-catchy hooks and grooves’


‘Rather than swinging standards…ambient grooves, post-rock jams and Krantz-esq solos are the order of the day. Svarc demonstrates his technical command of the guitar once again and his uses a variety of sounds to great

-Jazz In York

‘When you listen to good jazz, at least when I do, one type of sound that I tend to gravitate to would be the organ trio format. It has to have a certain funk to it. It definitely needs to go ”out there,” and most assuredly needs to have a good guitar. This Organ Trio has all of these elements, and more. They do a great job conjuring up those old thoughts of the 60′s, and Jimmy Smith. Music should be enjoyed, and when people are there to simply watch, not talk, you know your battle with the crowd is over.’


‘Splinter at the Bridge welcomed the return of guitarist Nick Svarc. Toting a cherry red Gibson 335 and a pedal board approaching XL proportions, at a glance Svarc resembled a youthful Larry Coryell. Mining the rich seam of the classic Hammond organ trio, the mono-syllabic Svarc let his Gibson do the talking; touch, time, feel, technique.’


Bebop Spoken Here

‘i LOVE track 2…you’re getting great sounds… sounds awesome man’

-Tim Lefebvre 

‘Hooked from Track one. This Trio continue to carve their own corner,with what can only be described as moody, psych, future jazz-rock. The drums will get you’

– The Musician

(SHL 20/21 Review) 

‘‘Hey Nik, thanks so much for the music. Great stuff. Keep up the good work’

– Warren Ham (Ringo Starr, ToTo)